The Force Falls Dark

Wrapping up, near the end...

For next session:

Currently: An Interdictor Star Destroyer is in orbit with 2 frigates and 3 dozen fighters.

1 Frigate and 1 dozen go to surface, currently with Lorsha on the ground, the kid has exploded and taken out 4 fighters. Temp is diving toward a fighter to take it over, wearing a jetpack.

3 Fighters destroyed in Attack Wing 1 in space by Narsus, the 9 left over blasted him to shit until his ship only had 3 HP and there’s alarms and smoke. Narsus is broadcasting a surrender.

Ace of Spades is too far away to be chased, but former Hulk ship pulled from Hyperspace nearby and relays Seamus’ jury-rigged wide-spectrum transmitter telling the Galaxy of the Sith Plot. Just as this happens, Dana tries to wrest control of the ship from Seamus to force it to land, so she can surrender and have what she wants (her brother saved/spared).

The Trade
Desert Dawn

The Ace of Spades heads to Tatooine, a Hutt-controlled Indepedent system, after stopping along the way to mine some ice from an asteroid belt.

The planet was surrounded by a bustle of ships coming and going, some simply hanging in orbit, and the radio chatter was intense. Seamus managed to cut through the noise and discovered less than half a dozen Sith Empire transponder codes, but they were different from standard modern codes and so they are either from before the cease fire or they are stolen ships with (failed) attempts made to modify the transponder.

The crew land and lock up in a spaceport, turning to the locals to find a dealer of water. Despite most buildings having Moisture Farms on the roof, it seems water is still a major commodity in the area, being sold from many market stalls and storefronts.

The cityscape is very different from what might be thought of from an Outer Rim world; fully half of the planet is inhabited by a large single city-state, with the other half taken up by barren desert. Cliff facings, mountains and rolling plains all have been dug into, built upon and made into a beautiful sandy city. The people take their time and are arrogant about it, not willing to allow interruptions to their meanderings through the streets.

They find out about Mashay, a water dealer of great repute that is unaffiliated with any guilds or other businesses. Mashay tests the ice sample brought by the party and is impressed, and offers 12 credits per litre for the entire amount they have, but is taken aback by the sheer amount it is. It seems that clean shipments of this magnitude are rare to this dealer. He asks for some time to find resellers to take the shipment off his hands quickly so that he doesn’t need to bother with storage, but also so he can raise the funds to buy the produce from the party in the first place.

As they conclude their discussion, the 3 Jedi sense a disturbance in the Force; a Force power used nearby in anger. Dana concentrates on the feeling, and senses that the user was scared, then angry, and is currently running. The party then rushes to find the source of this disturbance.

Charging into the huge market sector, a large rectangle of land cleared of buildings but packed with stalls, tents and people, the party find a crowd surrounding a group of Sith Empire militiamen. All of a sudden, the crowd and the soldiers are thrust back as a sphere of expanding force pushes them all away from what appears to be a small Zabrak boy, around 8 years old. He is cowering and crying, seemingly scared and confused.

The party spring into action and engage the 5 Sith soldiers. Lorsha quickly throws their weapons aside using the Force, but one of them manages to keep hold of his gun. Temperence and Dana hurry toward the boy, passing their weapons to eachother as they go, each knowing their role to play in the coming fight. Seamus quickly runs over to the weapon pile, firing at the gun-wielder as he goes, and shoots at the Lightsaber taken from one of the Sith, destroying it.

Temperence hunkers down to the boy and tries to calm him down, asking his name and distracting him from the fighting happening all around them. As the soldier with the gun takes aim, something in Temperence’s head lets out a scream and she smoothly extends her arms to deflect the blaster bolt. This is the first time Temperence managed to master this power, and it impressed the boy enough for him to share his name: Tiran.

Dana interposes between the boy and the Sith who had the Lightsaber, and threatens him as she ignites Temperence’s Lightsaber. He tries to Force Choke Dana, but Lorsha uses her telepathy to bolster Dana’s abilities and allows her to break free. The Sith then tries to blind Dana by throwing sand at her, but she blocks it with inhuman speed thanks to Lorsha’s telepathic boost. The Sith then turns tail and runs toward the weapon pile. Dana gives chase and Lorsha tries to Force Stun him, but his powers are too great and she merely slows him down.

The other three Sith soldiers all stand up and trying to tackle the Jedi, managing to cut Dana and Lorsha, but bouncing off of Temperence’s shield.

Lorsha grabs the soldier that attacked her and sends pulses of the Force through his body until he falls into a deep sleep.

Dana grabs her attacker and locks him into a headlock with the Lightsaber and his own knife both pressed up against his neck, incapacitating him.

The Sith Force User then confronts Seamus, deftly dodging the remains of his own Lightsaber that are thrown at him by Dana using the Force. Seamus shoots him in the leg, and is about the get a face full of Force Lightning when the Sith turns and sees his men fallen, one grappled by Dana, and the last one with the gun entirely forgotten by the GM.

Despite his bravado, the Sith prepares to describe how his mission was to find and capture this boy for Darth Roth under orders of one of his Lieutenants. Before he can say more, Lorsha cloaks herself from sight using her new Force abilities she learned from Ridal Dyas, and uses the Force to suggest a change in flow in the Sith before her, rendering him unconscious. Lorsha then feels a wave of contentment and serenity as she uses her first Light-side powers.

The Tattooine militia then come and mop up, and Tiran takes the party to his house whre his single mother should be waiting. He charges off toward the house but Lorsha senses danger, and uses Force Thrust to move Tiran out the way of the door as he presses the button to open it; Dana rushed ahead and manages to catch him before he goes flying off toward a wall, while Temperence used Force Surge to quickly run into the doorway, taking a glancing hit from a Blaster Pistol.

A man in armour and a mask, with a grating electronic voice, asks for the boy to be handed over. The party refuse. A fight brews.

Time passes...

After spending 3 months in Sith space looking for Darth Roth, Lady Nyssa and Uncle Dolan with no luck, the party decides to jump back to Independant space.

Being pulled out of Hyperspace by an experimental Sith ship shocked the party, but Dana impersonated an Imperial noble in order to avoid danger, claiming to be on a secret mission for Darth Roth and a relative of General Khass, a Chiss commander in the Imperial Fleet.

The ruse wasn’t accepted at first, but the mention of Darth Roth soon shook them into action and they shut down the Hyperspace Jammer.

The group then hack a group of astromech droids aboard the ship and send them to overload the engine generators. They succeed, and as The Ace Of Spades leaves the Imperial ship is stranded and crippled.

Next Session

To do:

Droid Shopping

See if Mr. Swanson wants anything transporting.

The Hulk Part 2
The Engine Room

Dana hacked into the radio comms of the Zabrak astronauts Asand, as Seamus discussed plans with the Stacked Deck informant, heard their chatter turn into static. At the same time, all 3 Force users sensed a strong emanation of the Dark Side of the Force coming from the rear of the ship; the Engine Room that the Zabrak crew were heading towards.

Moving down the long corridor to the Engine Room, the party found ways leading up to the control deck, down to the engine turbines and doors to the safety protocol level.

Semus and Temperence took up defensive positions at either end of this T junction as the group heard a steady clanging noise from the upper level. Lorsha peered up the ladder shaft to the next level, Lightsaber ignited, and saw one of the Zabrak suits walking towards her, opening fire.

Similar Space Spiders to the one confronted in the hanger earlier started bursting through the walls, and Seamus and Temperence disposed of them while Lorsha deflected blaster bolts and threw one of the oversized Arachnids at her (now) two attackers. They depart up the shaft and all seems quiet for a moment. That is, apart from that steady clanging.

Dana had been carefully climbing the stairs while this went on, and saw that the noise was being made by one of the Zabrak space suits’ gloves (with hand still inside) banging against the computer console in zero gravity. The readout confirmed that the glove was powering the workstation, and that it was getting a system readout ready to start the engines again.

Gathering their wits and data, the party then hears another sound from up the corridor; it was their Stacked Deck contact. He decided to join and help get the engines back online.

Heading into the Engine Room, a sparking is seen in the distance: a Lightsaber fight is occurring between two combatants. A blue lightsaber weilded by the Droid seen accompanying the Zabrak crew, and a yellow Krath lightsaber whose user is the source of the strong Dark Side Force presence.

Lorsha leapt at the Krath, getting shot down with lightning onto the large middle engine that was creating a small localised gravity field. Temeperence jumped down to the bottom level to try and sneak up on the Krath. Seamus and Dana get to work on using Seamus’ jetpack power source to power the computer systems and get the engines back online. After getting the main panel online and starting the engine ignition sequence, the far door to the section bursts open and the two Zabrak enter and begin firing upon Seamus and Dana.

Hearing this, Temperence breaks from her stalking of the Krath, who is by now locking lightsabers with the Droid, and uses her Force powers to dash up the stairs and around behind the two Zabrak. She bashed their heads together, allowing the Stacked Deck contact to, after coaching from Seamus, ran to securely shut down Engine 3 which had developed a fault.

Temperence could now see inside their helmets, and their eyes were blank and they had thick dark veins wrapping across their faces from either side. Dana let off a few stun shots at the Captain Zabrak.

Seamus encounters a problem with the engine ignition sequence, and unfortunately the Stakced Deck contact would not be able to manually shut down the third engine in time. He had to either launch all three engines and potentially kill the contact, or attempt a remote shutdown of three while igniting one and two. Dana, however, notices the folly in this and swiftly reroutes the power from Engine Three, saving the contact when Seamus hits the power.

Lorsha, as the Engines spring to life, dashes forward across the top of Engine Two and takes a swipe at this Krath, cutting them on the leg.

The session ended as Narsus, aboard the Ace of Spades, was completing his scan of the sector and had found 2 large asteroids in the region that could serve as hiding spots.

The Hulk

After receiving the distress call from Coruscant, The Ace Of Spades shifts direction slightly to stop at a derelict ship to render assistance.

They look over the ship, and use the sensors to detect vibrations in the hull; the jury-rigged device works and Seamus is able to detect exactly how many people are aboard, where they are and even hear what they’re saying without tapping into comms, based solely on the vibrations of the hull. This only seems to work because all power is out, and there is no engine noise. There is also a scraping, skittering noise coming from between the outer layers of the hull.

Looking through the Bridge windows reveals a lone Military Protocol droid looking over a bloody Captain’s chair, with no bodies or other droids around. 2 Space-suited Zabrak cut into the bridge and arrange to meet with the crew in a docking bay; they are accompanied by a protocol droid that appears to have no casings.

Meeting the trio in the cargo bay, Lorsha senses an insectoid creature scuttling above them in the maintenance cabling, and uses The Force to hold the creature in place, while Content Not Found: null pulls a ceiling panel away to reveal the creature. All in the room able to do so fire at the creature, and while Lorsha holds it steady, Dana lines up a shot to the head and kills it outright.

The groups discuss their plans, and the trio move off to the engine room to restore power, so they can return to the convoy that dropped them off. Whether this is to scuttle/steal this ship or simply providing humanitarian aid is up for debate, but the Zabrak Captain appears to be telling the truth about his mission.

The party move to the recreation room on the starboard side of the corvette, cutting through the mag-sealed door with lightsabers. The meet a contact of The Stacked Deck who informs them that Imperial soldiers boarded, took out the power and herded people into the recreation room. The captain and crew haven’t been seen since, and they don’t know anything about the 3 people in the engine room. Lorsha senses darkness toward the rear of the ship, near the engine room. Is this hidden Sith? Are there more creature like that encountered in the docking bay?

Temperence and Dana are wearing Mag-Boots; Lorsha and Seamus are free-floating. Narsus is still aboard The Ace of Spades.

Stuff Happened!


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