Temperence Koshek

Human Jedi Padawan


Force Powers: Inertia *2
Able to perform impossible stunts ignoring gravity; suggestion: Wall Running (Move Action)
DC 15 means move half speed along wall
DC20 means move full speed
Each +5 DC adds 10ft. to speed
Force Point: adds 10ft. to speed

Surge *2
Jump great heights and move faster (Free Action)
DC 10 grants +10 ft. speed and +10 to jump checks
Each +5 DC adds 10 ft. speed and +10 to jump checks
Force Point: adds 10 ft. speed and +10 to jump checks

Force Disarm *2
Disarm opponents using the Force to pull weapons from their grasp (Standard Action, TK)
Can target on creature within 60ft. and line of sight.

Kinetic Combat *2

Move Object

Battle Strike

Force Stun *2

Force Shield

Talents: Skilled Advisor
Full round action to give 5 on skill check to ally (10 if you spend a Force Point)

Acrobatic Recovery
Make an Acrobatics check to avoid falling prone/flat on your back

Battle Meditation
Spend a Force Point and a full round action to give allies within 30ft +1 to attacks


A student of Jedi Master Felis Zoral, Temperence comes from a wealthy aristocracy that rules over half of the planet Nar Shadaa. The Koshek family operates an industrious business empire that owns half of the real estate of the planet, the other half belonging to the Swanson family. Born into this wealth, Temperence saw Jedi training as an incredible opportunity to grasp with both hands. Novelty, adventure and excitement awaited.

Merely a few months into training, Temperence and her fellow Padawan Lorsha Zemo lost their Master to his injuries sustained while fighting Dark Force users. He did not leave his pupils adrift, however, and upon realising his imminent demise Felis constructed a crude Holocron to continue his instruction of the two pupils. While the Holocron has only scant information, it did instruct his pupils to continue in their meditations and that he would become stronger and be able to return in some form.

Temperence has been shown to adhere strongly to her Master’s teachings in conflict resolution, resorting to her Lightsaber only as an absolute last resort, and never escalates the situation. She can feel in the Force that her Master would approve, and she continues to grow in strength in the Force. Her mastery over her own body is such that, not only has she learned many Force powers, but she has gained great acrobatic skill and can leap many times beyond that of a normal human.

Temperence Koshek

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