The Force Falls Dark

Time passes...

After spending 3 months in Sith space looking for Darth Roth, Lady Nyssa and Uncle Dolan with no luck, the party decides to jump back to Independant space.

Being pulled out of Hyperspace by an experimental Sith ship shocked the party, but Dana impersonated an Imperial noble in order to avoid danger, claiming to be on a secret mission for Darth Roth and a relative of General Khass, a Chiss commander in the Imperial Fleet.

The ruse wasn’t accepted at first, but the mention of Darth Roth soon shook them into action and they shut down the Hyperspace Jammer.

The group then hack a group of astromech droids aboard the ship and send them to overload the engine generators. They succeed, and as The Ace Of Spades leaves the Imperial ship is stranded and crippled.



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