The Force Falls Dark

Wrapping up, near the end...

For next session:

Currently: An Interdictor Star Destroyer is in orbit with 2 frigates and 3 dozen fighters.

1 Frigate and 1 dozen go to surface, currently with Lorsha on the ground, the kid has exploded and taken out 4 fighters. Temp is diving toward a fighter to take it over, wearing a jetpack.

3 Fighters destroyed in Attack Wing 1 in space by Narsus, the 9 left over blasted him to shit until his ship only had 3 HP and there’s alarms and smoke. Narsus is broadcasting a surrender.

Ace of Spades is too far away to be chased, but former Hulk ship pulled from Hyperspace nearby and relays Seamus’ jury-rigged wide-spectrum transmitter telling the Galaxy of the Sith Plot. Just as this happens, Dana tries to wrest control of the ship from Seamus to force it to land, so she can surrender and have what she wants (her brother saved/spared).



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